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Events may not be fundraisers unless requested in the application and approved by Soapstone. Donations can be accepted if their purpose is to defray costs not covered by funds from Soapstone.


Small Grants Are Available for Events

Small grants are available for events celebrating the work of women writers. The event may be focused on the work of a single writer or organized around a topic and include the work of many writers.

Events Focused on the Work of a Single Writer

Previous grants supported: a memorial tribute to Adrienne Rich organized by Katharine Salzman (Portland writers who knew her were invited to read a favorite poem and talk about her, followed by an open mike for audience members to read a favorite poem); a celebration for what would have been Grace Paley's 90th birthday, organized by Judith Arcana, which included selected readings and a film about her. Most recently, Soapstone funded a wonderfully creative tribute to Shirley Jackson on the hundred year anniversary of her birth, organized by Karen Munro. You may decide it's time we paid tribute to Lucille Clifton, Elizabeth Bishop, Judy Grahn, or Lorraine Hansberry. We are eager to bring people together to celebrate the work of a writer whose work has been important to many, in order to keep the work alive and introduce it to new readers. The work must be available in bookstores, online, and/or in libraries.

Events Organized Around a Topic

We are open to considering any focus, serious, mundane, fun, or profound. For example: Aging, Reproductive Freedom, Disability, the Environment, Caregiving and Receiving, Sex, Gardening, Friendship, Bird Watching, Marital Status, Walking, Food, Living With an Animal. These events will include the work of both new and established creative writers, and presenters can read their own work or the work of writers no longer alive or not living in the area. These events will be planned in advance; they may not be open mic readings. For these events, the topic is merely the focus for the creative writing presented. These events will feature the work of a number of writers.

Women over the age of 21 may apply. For events designed for up to 40 participants the maximum grant is $300; for events designed for 40 to 100 participants the maximum is $450; for events designed for more than 100 participants the maximum is $600. Expenses may include the cost of a venue, printed materials, other incidental expenses, and up to $100 for the organizer's work. Grant funds may not be used for food, alcohol, payment to readers or travel expenses.

Grants are not available for book releases or promotion, established or on-going events, or events that are part of an organization's program. We're looking to fund events that would not otherwise happen.

Please review the Agreement for Events before you apply. We will ask you to sign it if a grant is awarded.

To apply for a grant send an email to with the following:

  • Describe the event you have in mind, including the venue, and an approximate date and time, and the number of participants it is designed for. Please describe in general terms how the event will unfold from beginning to end, who the readers/presenters will be (or if not yet determined, how you will select work and readers/ presenters).
  • If it is an event focused on the work of a single writer, tell us about your own connection to the writer's work, whether it is as a writer or a reader.
  • List the expenses.