All donations to Soapstone are tax deductible; we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



Soapstone is grateful for donations in any amount, at any time of year. In addition to cash we can accept appreciated stock, appreciated real estate, goods, and services. All donations to Soapstone are fully tax deductible; we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are eligible for the Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit.

Checks should be made out to Soapstone, Inc. and mailed to 622 SE 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214. Call the administrator at 503.327.1042 if you have questions about donating anything other than cash.

Donations can be made online on the Network for Good secure web site.

We are grateful to these foundations for their support of the residency program: CarolAnn Curthoys Foundation, Denison Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, Friendship Fund, Lamb Foundation, Margaret Watt Edwards Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, Microsoft Matching Grants Program, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Serendipity Fund/The Tides Foundation, Sister Fund, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, Styn Family Trust, Wordcraft Circle.

And to the individuals who made donations of $5000 to $80,000: Judith Barrington & Ruth Gundle, Harriet Denison, Joan Drury, Hella Fluss, Noel Hanlon and Peter Koehler, Leone Hatch, Ursula K. and Charles Le Guin, Marissa Martinez, Carolyn Moore, Nancy Nordhoff, Sandy Polishuk, Ruth Rolt, Roussel Sargent, May Sarton Estate, Carolyn and Kenneth Shine.

And the individuals and businesses who made donations of $1000 to $5000: Judith Arcana, Jonathan Arlook, Jean and Ray Auel, Joanne Bealy, Patricia Bollin, Mary Francis Bowers, Wendy Breuer, Jean Bradley, Broadway Books, Pamela Brown, Susan Burmeister-Brown, Pat Cason, Theresa Corrigan, Meg Daly, Becky Degrossa, Ann Dudley, Sue and Ed Einowski, Katharine English, Kathleen Fisher, Jane Glazer, Eva Gold, Jane Gottesman, Stacey Graham, Gerri Hayes, Dorothy Hirsch, Bette Husted, Carol James, Cill Janeway, Gish Jen, Shirley Kishiyama, Birgitta and Frank Lamb, Nancy LaPaglia and Steve Slusarski, Alice Joslin Letteri, Mimi Maduro, Janeen McAninch, Jazmyn McDonald, Betty and Bob McFarlane, Maureen Michelson, Mim Mimmack, Deborah Miranda, Madeline Moore, Gloria Borg Olds , Jeanne and Paul Mulcahy, Joan Peterson, Diane Ponti, Holly Pruett, Katy Riker, Jane Rubin, Vern Ryles, Perdita Schaffner, Alison Seevak, Mary Sellin, Manya and Howard Shapiro, Nancy Shearman, Joan Shipley, Elizabeth Statmore, Jane Viehl, Nancy Wakeman, Evelyn C. White, Kathleen Worley.