The next deadline for submission
of a grant application is January 1, 2015.






Mark your calendars:
March 8, 2015



The New Soapstone: Celebrating Women Writers

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering two new opportunities for readers and writers in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Small Grants to an Individual Woman or an Ad Hoc Group of Women

These funds are to support events and study groups celebrating the work of women writers.

The application process is simple and the time between applying and notification short. For the first year, Soapstone board members will serve as the grant review committee.

All events and study groups will be open to the public and offered at no charge.

Soapstone will continue to provide bi-weekly email announcements for writers in Oregon and Southwest Washington, as we have done for many years.



To initiate a new Soapstone program of grants: EVENTS CELEBRATING WOMEN WRITERS, Ellen Goldberg is organizing a Soapstone-sponsored International Women’s Day poetry reading, March 8, 4:00-6:00 pm at Taborspace.  (Free, open to the public.)

She is looking for a diversity of many women’s voices to read one or two poems each. Interpret “feminist” however you wish. Submissions will be read annonymously.

If you’re interested in reading your work, please submit one to three poems, with titles, of any length in the body of an email. For extra credit, submit a copy of one feminist poem by a poet-matriarch that has inspired you in your life or work. (Some of these will be read or displayed.)

Email the poems to Include your name and very brief biographical statement including age. Subject line: Submission to Ellen Goldberg.

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2015