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Study Groups Celebrating a Woman Writer's Work

Soapstone offers a program of eight study groups each year.
People of all genders and identities are welcome. Scholarships are available.

A maximum of 16 participants on a first-come basis.

The study groups focus on one, or sometimes two or more women writers' work. Past subjects and group leaders have included:

Ellen Bass and Dorianne Laux, led by Allisa Cherry and Laura Moulton
Alison Bechdel & Roz Chast, led by Leanne Grabel
Claudia Rankine, led by Ashley Toliver
Bernardine Evaristo, led by Tricia Snell
Natasha Tretheway, led by Andrea Hollander
Carolyn Forché, led by Kirsten Rian
Barbara Kingsolver,
led by Lex Runciman
Margaret Atwood, led by Tricia Snell
Judy Grahn, led by Judith Barrington
Denise Levertov, led by Mimi Maduro
Grace Paley, led by Natalie Serber
Virginia Woolf, led by Judith Barrington
Adrienne Rich, led by Sara Guest
Linda Pastan, led by Andrea Hollander
Alice Munro, led by Natalie Serber
C.D. Wright, led by Wendy Willis
Elizabeth Bishop, led by Barbara Drake  
Joy Williams, led by Sallie Tisdale
Jane Austen, led by Annie Lighthart
Leslie Marmon Silko, led by Janice Gould 
Sappho, led by Paul Merchant
Maxine Kumin, led by Andrea Hollander and Judith Barrington
Sylvia Plath, led by Kate Gray     

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