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trillium flower About Us

Soapstone is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Administrator: Ruth Gundle

Board President: Patricia Bollin

Board Members: Judith Barrington, Patricia Bollin, Ann Dudley, Janice Gould, Nancy LaPaglia, Maureen Michelson, Katy Riker, Elizabeth Woody, Kathleen Worley

Past Presidents: Ursula K. Le Guin, Judith Barrington, Ann Dudley, and Rebecca Shine

The people and the organization:

Soapstone is a grassroots organization formed in 1992 to provide a writing retreat for women in Oregon's Coast Range, which ran for twelve years.

Judith Barrington and Ruth Gundle were honored with the Stuart H. Holbrook Award from Literary Arts for this and other work. In 2006 Willamette Writers honored Soapstone with their Humanitarian Award.

While in transition until the property is sold, Soapstone continues to perform a key service for the Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington writing community by sending out email community announcements of events, readings, workshops, grant opportunities, lectures and other writing-related news to over 1800 people weekly.

Former board members:

Judith Arcana, Leslie Bevan, Mary Clare, Eva Gold, Elissa Goldberg, Noel Hanlon, Shirley Kishiyama, Ursula K. Le Guin, Mimi Maduro, Madeline Moore, Sharon Morgan, Joanne Mulcahy, Monza Naff, Gloria Olds, Phyllis Oster, Gerry Pearson, Sandy Polishuk, Holly Pruett, Lee Schore, Rebecca Shine, Evelyn C. White

Credits: Illustration on homepage by Angelina Marino; photographs of Soapstone by Martha Andrews, Judith Barrington, and Sage Cohen; website design by Marcia Barrentine, www.barrentinedesign.com


"Every time I climbed the ladders to the cube and sat down to write I could feel the presence and support of all the other women who have nourished and been nourished by Soapstone—those who came before me to this heaven—to write and dream and contemplate: to live with the trees, the creek, the woodstove, to live up high, among benevolent angels. I wept a little every day, with joy. I knew how lucky I was."

—Jane Bailey